desert tour in Esfahan

  Extremely interesting and beautiful trip to the most natural desert landscape in the heart of Iran ,we call it Varzaneh desert.  friendly  environment with a safe and  trustworthy excellent driver

our services

 transfer from Esfahan to Varzane desert .2hrs drive with sedan car

 one night accommodation

two meals breakfast and dinner

  • See the incredible function of the Dovecote, also known as pigeon houses.

  • Learn about the different dressings of local women.

  • . in desert you can have camel riding  ,safari ,off road motor bike ,zip line ,sand volleyball  (cost of them not included but i can handle with indigenous price) and also make a camp if you want.

  • clean and tidy sky make you an unique opportunity to see stars and sky

  •  beautiful sunrise and sun set

all these you can have them just by 30 euro

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  •  transfer from Esfahan to Varzane desert,camel riding in iran camel riding in iran ESFAHAN HOTEL AND TOUR RESERVATION BY BITCOIN
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