Desert tour from Esfahan

   Extremely interesting and beautiful trip to one of the most natural desert landscape in the heart of Iran ,we call  it  Kavir Varzaneh desert.  friendly  environment with a safe and  trustworthy excellent driver Desert tour start from Isfahan

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 transfer from Esfahan to Varzane desert .🚘2hrs drive with sedan car🚗

🏨 one night accommodation

🍳🌭two meals breakfast and dinner

  • See the incredible function of the Dovecote, also known as pigeon 🕌houses.
  • Learn about the different dressings of 🎎local women.
  • . in desert you can have camel riding  ,safari ,off road motor bike ,zip line ,sand volleyball  (cost of them not included but i can handle with indigenous price) and also make a ⛺camp if you want.
  • 🌝clean and tidy sky give you an unique opportunity to see ⭐stars⭐🌠 and sky beautiful sunrise and sun set

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Desert tour in Esfahan

25 euro

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  •  transfer from Esfahan to Varzane desert,camel riding in iran camel riding in iran ESFAHAN HOTEL AND TOUR RESERVATION BY BITCOIN