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Isfahan airport  transfer  from 8 a.m to 20 p.m just 10$  to each part of Isfahan city for 1 to 4 people 

Isfahan airport  transfer  from 20 p.m to 8 a.m just 15$  to each part of Isfahan city  1 to 4 people 

for reservation please send your ticket to my whatsapp my number is  +989133148009

?What are our services
Transfering from esfahan’s airport to hotel(if you don’t have accommodation i can arrange it for you)
Visiting Esfahan’s bridges  Shahrestan,  Khaju Sio- ce- pol , Shaking Minarets,Atashgah ,Sofeh ,montain  modern bazar (hyper market )
 (very tasty traditional food (Beriani

two types of meat served wrapped lightly in a large Naan (bread) with onion and lime.

hyper me
sofe mountain
-We are flexible you can omit some program and add your time to others
Entrance fee for shaking minarets and Atashgah mountain are not included –
-Program start from 10 till 14 in morning and 16 till 20 in afternoon (Sunday , Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday )

for vegetrian also we offer felafel sandwich

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Welcome to Esfahan
As it is said “Esfahan Nesf-e Jahan” (Esfahan, Half of the World), one should walk throughout this city in order to have a better understanding of it. A city known as; blossomed rose, earthly paradise, turquoise bridge etc… , These are only some titles given to Esfahan from the periods of Malekshah the Seljuk 11th century AD (5th century AH) and Shah Abbas the great 17th century AD (11th century AH) to glorify and appreciate its grandeur. The monuments  registered in UNESCO
The Grand Naghsh-e Jahan square can be named as the heart of Esfahan. It was given the title of the “World Heritage” and registered in UNESCO due to its matchless beauty and grandeur. Hopefully Chehel Sotoon palace will soon be counted as the world heritage as well.

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